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Because you never stop learning.

Waterproofing and weather-resistive materials are constantly improving through product advancement and installation techniques. The old tar paper and staples methodology worked well when energy conservation and thermal efficiency didn't exist. 

Today, we have a vast variety of materials available at our local building supply or home center. 

Installed correctly, these products can perform well and give years of trouble-free service. However, improper installation can lead to very costly mistakes when a weather resistive barrier is installed wrong. Water can actually be channeled 'into' the structure. 

We are highly experienced and trained in both above grade and below grade waterproofing, weather resistive barriers, non-permeable membranes, caulking and sealants for various above grade assemblies.

We offer training to our host contractors, their project managers and foremen in an effort to broaden their understanding of the products. 

Practical applications of the specified products in an informative environment will help boost jobsite productivity.

In addition, we offer training on products that we don't normally provide. The intent is to educate the installers, whether they are carpenters or siding contractors that lack the practical experience, we can train them on the proper methods of installing WRB's.

Please contact us for more information. 

Mock-ups and Product Demonstrations

Our coastal environment here on the eastern end of Long Island is unlike any other area in the Northeast. With the Long Island Sound to the North and the Atlantic Ocean to the south, we are sandwiched in a moisture rich environment.

Moisture rich environments exposed to summer heat and winters freezing temperatures can mean 100 degree swings in exposure changes.

Not all materials are created equal. We have experienced the good and the bad, some materials just can't hold up to the extreme weather changes. We have product lines that stand up to these extremes and can demonstrate at your jobsite.

Our portable jobsite Mockups can be displayed for Owner, Architect or Consultant review.

Please contact us for more information.

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