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A Single Source Solution

Homeowner Resources

As a homeowner you are visiting this site in search of a solution to your water issues. Nobody wants to deal with a leaky basement. 

Not only does it affect the homes value, but it presents an even greater risk...the health of your family. Every home is unique; no two homes experience the exact same problems. There is never a single solution to correcting water issues in the home. Water begins by attacking the exterior of the home, usually unseen and not much of an issue until it begins to effect the interior of the home.

First we listen, through forensic review of the past water problems, we can determine a course of action.

Our philosophy is simple; solutions, not systems. 

Our company is unique, we are the only one of its kind that specializes in identification, restoration and remediation of all water related issues. Once the risks have been identified, we then educate our clients on why they are experiencing water issues and then develop a plan to correct the threat to their home or business. 

Landscape Drainage

Drainage of the areas around the house are an essential part of keeping your home dry and healthy. Excess water can accumulate near the foundation and present a risk during periods of freezing temperatures. Frozen ground that has a high moisture content can lead to foundation cracks and bowed walls.

Another risk associated with poor drainage is to the landscaping and turf areas having an increased threat of disease due to over saturated soils. 

After an initial review of your property, grading and drainage assessments will be made to provide the best solutions to increase drainage characteristics.

Areas to consider for landscape & residential drainage:

  • Lawn and turf area drains

  • Gutter and roof area drains

  • Driveway and patio drains

  • Window well and cellar entry drains 

Corrective measures include:

  • Soil mitigation techniques - removal of unsuitable, non draining sub-soils, placement of granular mediums and engineered soils.

  • Stormwater management solutions - leaching structures, catch basins, drainage swales and underground piping. 

  • Catchment area plantings - creative planting features to provide a sustainable zero-maintenance retention solution. 


Basements and Crawlspaces

Below-grade leaks in the basement and/or crawlspace areas are the most common of all water issues in an existing home. Mostly due to the fact that 85% of homes built since 1990 have only damp-proofing on the exterior of the foundation walls. Foundation wall cracks, utility penetrations and structural settlement can all lead to water leaks within the home.

Another source of water within the basement area can be related to elevated groundwater or perched water. Certain areas near tidal waterways and flood plains can have sporadic water intrusion issues related to the floor slab. 

There are many methods of dealing with a leaking basement. Most can be addressed from within if you are experiencing minor water problems due to a crack or penetration leak. However certain types of foundation construction are more prone to water leaks such as CMU Block Walls. Regardless of the issue, water must not be allowed to pass through the structural concrete foundation of the home. In very isolated cases, it is possible to collect water from the interior perimeter of the home when 'no other methods' are feasible. 

Waterproofing is an investment in your home. 

Damp-proofing is a code requirement and will provide a resistance to below grade water intrusion.

In other words, if you are going out for the day and you expect to be outside in the rain continuously, which would you choose? A waterproof rain coat or a 'water resistant' coat? 

The answer is simple.

For your home its a one shot deal, choose the best protection for your greatest investment. Once the foundation is backfilled, the landscape installed and hard surfaces finished, the last thing you want to worry about is below-grade failures.

Seasonal Maintenance

Seasonal cleaning of roof gutters, drains and surface catch basins will ensure that water has a clear path away from the home. Periodic cleaning of underground piping & inspection of drywells every 3-5 years will guarantee trouble-free performance of property drainage. 

Having eyes-on the way the house and surrounding grounds perform goes a long way to prevent future water problems. 

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